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◊A big thank you to the Florida Film Commission as they were the first to publish Covid-19 guidelines for filming!

◊Summer Camp is all about learning, growing, and sneaking around too. There’s a rumor that at least three different relationships started and ended during the making of this movie…I guess it really was more like camp than a movie.

◊All the parents helped out by cooking, shopping, wardrobe & makeup.

◊Every night we spent time around the campfire and had a directors talk – we went deep in the rabbit hole with details of all topics of acting and filming techniques.

◊The director drank 10+ bottles of tequila (I think the crew snuck in and drank a lot of it too).

◊Since most of this movie was being written while we were making it…

◊Yes, we all brought our dogs with us; Milan’s real name is Elvis and his big brother was Chupacabra.

◊Yes, it was very intentional that we were making a satire of society.

◊Yes, coach is a professional football player and he improved all of his lines – pretty sure that’s where some of the directors’ tequila went.

◊Many of the scenes in the movie are an homage to some great films in the past.

◊The Director and Rosen got very sick on the salmon.